PS Innovation

We are PS, masters in our business, working for the best in their industry. For nearly twenty years we have been active in the smartest region of the world: Eindhoven.

As an equal partner in the conversation, PS supplies custom solutions in the field of human resources and personal development. PS offers Recruitment services, Executive Search services, Contracting support and Pay-rolling for (international) professionals in the Netherlands, specialising in the areas of Sales / Finance / marketing / Logistics / office management / international professionals.

Our clients

Recruitment & selection is an extensive process that starts with a good preparation. During a personal meeting, we will make an inventory of your company, focussing on important aspects such as culture and organisation goals. We will then draw up a clear profile of the desired candidate focussing on the competencies required.

We will search for the candidate that meets your wishes and requirements, using our own extensive network and using media search, and we will supervise the selection process up to a successful negotiation and creating a labour contract.

Our candidates

An introductory meeting always takes place in person with one of our consultants, and we will work with you to make an inventory of your wishes, ambitions, interests and personal goals, determining a clear picture of what is and is not possible. We will then ensure a good, effective selection of possibilities and facilitate contact with the potential employer in a discrete manner. We will look for a working environment where you can continue to grow in a personal and/or professional capacity. In order for you to make the most of yourself, it is important that the organisation’s culture fits with yours.

Our team

The core philosophy at PS is to work both professionally as proactively, on behalf of clients and our team. PS invests as much in its own people as it does in those on whose behalf we work. Motivated, satisfied employees ensure dedication to our services and appreciation for doing the same for others - clients and candidates alike.

All PS consultants specialise in one or more disciplines. Our consultants have, on average, moreover 10 years of experience in a specific functional area or sector. Thanks to their extensive network in combination with their specialist knowledge, our consultants know exactly what is going on in the market.

Our Pay-Roll services

As an employer, utilizing the services of payroll by PS masters @ work provides you with ease, flexibility and high quality service. We take over paying your employees, including the responsibility and risks associated with having your own staff (sick leave or minimum work hours). This gives you fewer obligations and more freedom.

The flex worker remains under your control for the day-to-day operations, also recruitment can be done by yourselves if desired.

PS invests in time with clients in order to partner with them, with the objective of achieving the most suitable employment solutions. We have a large pool of professionals with active candidates who are either looking for temporary employment or for the right career move.